Outlook Setup

Outlook 2000 Setup

Our hosting plans come with an unlimited number of email accounts, which you can use to setup pop3 or imap accounts on your email clients such as Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird or Netscape Mail. The email accounts at edula.com can be accessed via an webmail, or through an email clients.

The procedure below describes easy steps to setup a pop3 account on Outlook 2000. Although the example GUIs are captured on Windows XP, the setup will also work on Windows 95/98/NT/2000 machines.

1. Launch Outlook 2000 if it hasn't already. Then, go to Tools menu and select Accounts... menu item.

Outlook Accounts

2. From the Internet Accounts dialog box, select the Mail tab, click Add button, and choose Mail... menu item.

Internet Accounts

3. On the Internet Connection Wizard Dialog box, type in your display name. You may want to use your real name as your display name.

Internet Connection Wizard

4. On the following dialog box, enter your email address. The email address is comprised of an username and a host (domain) name. You may want to enter your own domain name here. Throughout this document, replace your-domain.com with your own domain name.

Internet Email Access

5. On the following dialog box, enter name of the mail servers. The pop3 server name is pop.your-domain.com and the smtp server name is smtp.your-domain.com.

Email Server Names

6. On the following dialog box, enter your account name. Your account name is same as your email address.

Internet Mail Logon

7. Choose a connection method that best describes your Internet connection.

Connection Type

8. The POP3 setup is complete. Click Finish to close the dialog.


Your POP3 (receive) and SMTP (sent) account has been setup. Open your Outlook Email Client, and test sending and receiving emails

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